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How to Find Cheap and Free Moving Boxes

When you’re planning to move, boxes become an essential packing supply you need to get your hands on. If you ask your mover where to get moving boxes, naturally they will pitch to you the merits of high-grade moving boxes that they sell. Buying from a moving company isn’t ideal all the time. It is because the few pieces of moving boxes that they sell can cost you a lot of money. They are expensive, and before you realize it, you’ve spent $500 for boxes which you can actually acquire at half the price, and possibly, for free. Save yourself some precious cash. Follow this guide on how to find cheap and free moving boxes.

One of the best ways to acquire free moving boxes is to ask your friends, family or neighbors.  Who knows? Anyone of them just might have some packing boxes lying around. The more people you know, the more chances of you acquiring your needed boxes for free. Many people are more than willing to give away these things as they can take up a lot of space in their home. If the place you are relocating to isn’t far, you may simply borrow it from them so you don’t contend with any unwanted trash after your move. Should friends or neighbors opt to sell them to you, well, you know you can always get secondhand items at a much cheaper price.

You may also take your hunt for moving boxes to your local stores. Businesses such as electronic stores, discount warehouses and groceries receive shipment of goods in boxes on a periodic basis. The boxes when they don’t need them anymore are often sent to a recycling center. It will take some legwork and courage to talk to the manager, but it will be all worth it if you can score some free boxes from these establishments. Some retail stores which have been approached countless times by people about their boxes might just sell these supplies for a small price. Getting boxes from liquor stores and produce establishments are great for they are sturdily built and will best protect your fragile objects.

You can also find discount moving boxes from many internet sites. Cardboard moving boxes that come in very affordable rates are sometimes put up in seller sites such as Craigslist. There are also several online stores that sell not just new but used boxes as well. Patience is the key in looking for cheap moving boxes online. You need to do a lot of research so you may end up buying boxes in fairly cheap prices.

If you know someone working on a large office or a hospital facility, it’s worth trying these areas, too. Large companies order office supplies by bulk so you can ask a friend working for the company to track down any empty boxes their office may have. Medical facilities do the same for their medical supplies. The boxes of medical supplies are highly favored because they are sterile and will likely be cleaner when compared from other sources.

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