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Pool Table Felt – A Quick Buyer’s Guide

The pool table felt is the fabric that you see covering the surface of the pool table. The term “felt” is quite a misnomer as this is in fact a piece of cloth. Other terms people use to refer to this item include pool table cloth, billiard felt, pool felt and green cover. However you call it, these names only refer to one product.
This pool supply material may look unassuming but it has a significant role in the billiards game. The quality of the fabric placed on the pool table surface can affect the outcome of the game. This is because there are so many types of pool table felt. There are ones that are fit for professional use especially on tournament games. Other types are dependent on the frequency of use of the table and the conditions to which it is presented.
Tournament-types of felt are often made from premium worsted billiard cloth. The wool in worsted cloth undergoes extra processing to make every weave of the same size. This results in very smooth flow of the billiard balls on the table. And, it also enhances the movement and accuracy of the ball. Some of the known brands of worsted pool felt are Simonis, Velocity and ProForm.
In places like bars and pool halls where the table is frequently used, it is important to choose pool felt that are extremely durable. To get ones that are hard-wearing, consider the tightness of the fabric weave. You can go for 21-24 ounce pool felt. The minimum for better quality fabric is 19 ounce. This ounce weight per yard of the fabric is an indicator of how tight or loose the weaves are. Bear in mind that with a 24 ounce pool felt, there is more fabric used in the weave as compared to the 19 ounce one.
When buying this table felt, it mainly depends upon your needs. You can go for tournament type ones but expect to pay more for them. The color may be another factor so you may choose to veer away from standard green ones and opt for blue, red and other bold colors.