Ventless Gel Fireplace

Why You Should Own an Alternative Fuel Fireplace

Ventless Gel Fireplace is one of the most popular types of
ventless fireplaces available on the market. Fuelled by a gel based formula, these fire places provide warmth and coziness of a fire without the mess of expense of traditional fireplaces. You can enjoy your gel based fire place without worrying about venting, chimney requirement or expensive gas hook-up. The gel formula usually comes in cans. This formula mimics the sound and smell of real wood burning fire.

For nearly 20 years Ventless Gel Fireplace has been the leader in the production and sale of gel based fireplaces and accessories. The products are manufactured under strict quality standards and therefore safety is never a concern while using Ventless gel-fueled fireplaces. They are available in many different designs and styles, almost all wall hung and table top models are ventless gel fireplaces. Stylish gel fireplaces from Ventless come with beautiful wood mantels in different finishes. They create a warm and romantic mood which only a seductively radiant open fire can provide.

Ventless Electric fireplace: These are fuelled by electricity and have zero emissions. Some of them can mimic the sound of real wood burning fire but not the smell. This is a perfect type for those who want look as well as the feel of a fire place without a real fire. They come in different shapes, sizes and models.

Electric fireplace has free from emissions and is truly
vent-free. Simulated fire is provided for décor purposes. They are portable and can be moved from one room to another. Safety is given priority and all the manufacturer’s recommendations are mentioned on the product.
These can also be used as a heating source. They emit enough heat to the room and make the room warm and cozy. This electricity based fireplace is basically a space heater.

Other popular models include Ethanol burning Fireplaces, Modern Designed Fireplaces, electric fire places and glass fireplaces. Apart from gel fuel based fire places, Ventless Gel fireplace also offers finest Bio ethanol fuel based fireplaces, which are organic based and are clean and odourless. These bio ethanol fireplaces are smokeless and environmental friendly. Gel fireplaces can hold up to three fuel cans, which may burn approximately three hours.

Outdoor fireplaces by Ventless Gel fireplace allow you to sit back and relax in your front yards and enjoy the atmosphere. You can convert your outdoor fireplace in to a Ventless experience.

The company offers huge collection of ventless fireplace inserts that gives you a cost effective solution to natural fireplace or inoperable gas. Various fireplace accessories such as decorative touches, aroma oils, fire place screens and incense kits enhance the beauty of the place and can turn the ordinary moments in to special moments.

Benefits of Ventless Gel Fireplace:

They offer huge variety of types, designs, styles and wood finishes, to match the décor of your home and other requirements.

They are easy to install and portable.

They are cost effective way to get the feel of real burning wood as the actual cost and the maintenance cost is pretty less than traditional wood fireplaces.

You can get wide range of different models such as those that can hang from wall, fit on a table top or look like a traditional fireplace with full mantle.

With electricity run fireplaces, there is no risk of carbon dioxide build-up or oxygen depletion.

Ventless Gel Fireplace is a perfect place for those who are looking to add a fireplace to their household. With fireplace inserts, fireplace fuel and accessories, you can transform your home in to dreamland.

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Ventless Gel Fireplace

The amazing advantages of Gel Fireplace Inserts

Many people dream of having a fireplace in their home, but not everyone can easily have this feature. At times, there are a number of homes that are too small to have a specific area for a fireplace as well as a chimney. However, this problem should not stop us from building a fireplace. Other people who really want to have an area for their fireplace are willing to spend much on it. Nevertheless, there is still a way to make this possible without spending too much money and that is to have gel fireplace inserts.

Gel fireplace inserts does not require you to make use of wood or logs just to come up with heat or fire, but instead, a gel fuel is used. These gels are being placed in a canister, and then it is lit in threes in order to create an extremely wonderful looking flame. There are several advantages that one can gain from this new innovation.

Well first and foremost, when you make use of this type of fireside, you will no longer need to chop woods or logs every single day. Since it makes use of canned gel fuel and not wood, it is necessary for you to do a thorough cleaning when it comes to your hearths. Another advantage is the fact that gel fuels do not leave behind any signs of ashes on the fireplace, and the best part of having a gel fireplace is that you will never breathe in smoke. This is often called as a vent less fireplace for the reason that it does not contain or bring forth smoke although it gives out flame.

Aside from producing fire and providing you with enough heat, it can also be considered as an excellent accessory to the interiors of your house. They can be made from a variety of styles and designs, so you can have the chance to choose the perfect one that matches well to the present look of your house.

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